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Last Modified: May 24, 2019

Welcome To USA Gardener!

Your Complete Guide To Gardening

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Our web site offers gardeners quick and easy access to pertinent information on a large variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries, with a moderately detailed flower section.

The gardening season has begun and we have added new features to the website. The new gardening glossary is complete, and our section on plant diseases should be online shortly.

Our focus is on organic gardening, including natural pest and disease control. Natural solutions to these issues will be posted on this web site.

A great garden starts with solid planning. From selecting the best spot, to companion planting (see our grow guides), everything counts.

Find all the information you need to grow any vegetable from our list of the most popular vegetables grown in the USA and Canada.

Our flower section covers the most common annuals and perennials. This year we offer a condensed and brief overview of each flower to make it easy to select the right ones for your garden and flower beds.

Good compost and manure are essential to every garden. Learn how to make quality compost and use manure to keep your garden healthy and vigorous.

Knowing when to start your garden is essential to a succesful crop. Our frost dates cover all of the USA and Canada.

Keeping a good selection of fresh herbs on hand is ideal for cooking and many health remedies. Our list of herbs and grow guides covers the most popular herbs in use today.

It is easier than most gardeners think to grow fruits and berries, especially expensive fruit like blueberries and strawberries. We cover the most common fruits available and easily grown in North America and Europe.

Identifiying insects in your garden is important. Many that appear menacing, may in fact, be the best for your garden. Our pest control page offers pictures and solutions.

Seems like the first things to grow in our gardens are the weeds. Identification is the first step to keeping them out of the garden and our weed guide (with pictures), is a good place to start.


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