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 On many occasions I have searched the Internet for gardening information. I think we all have when stumped by a wilting plant, or other ailment or concern over our plants. I found many web sites with information, problem is, most web sites will focus on one aspect of gardening or plants. Some web sites will indulge in elaborate descriptions with little relevance to gardening. Others require a university degree to understand the technical jargon.

I decided to start a web site for my own use, a quick reference I could use any time I needed information for my garden. After I started this, I thought other gardeners would appreciate a quick reference for gardening. This is how USA Gardener came about, a need for gardening information in a web site format that would provide gardening information, quickly and easily.

Well, I have to say, the web site is much larger today than I had planned. One thing leads to another, you think of something regarding your garden, feel it would be a beneficial to this web site and another page is added. This is how this site developed.

Today, the USA Gardener provides quick access to numerous articles and related gardening information. With the help of my son and fellow gardeners, we keep our eyes open for new garden tips, additional gardening resources and information - which in turn we put on the web site. Almost every important piece of information can be reached within two mouse clicks or less from our home page.

We hope you enjoy using the USA Gardener web site. Any comments or questions are always appreciated.

Wishing you success in your garden,
USA Gardener


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