EDGING PLANT On the edge or border of a bed.

EFFLORESCENCE: The deposit of calcium and fertilizer salts on the outer surfaces of clay pots.

ENDEMIC: Plants which are of a certain geographic area and generally are confined to that place.

ENTIRE LEAF: An undivided and unserrated leaf.

EPIPHYTE: A plant that usually grows on another plant and gets its nutrients from the air and water.

ERICACEOUS: Plants of the Heath Family, a large important group of shrubs and small trees.

EROSION: The wearing away, washing away, or removal of soil by wind, water or man. Mulch or plant cover crops after your last harvest to prevent wintertime erosion.

ESCAPE: A plant that is on its way to becoming naturalized in an area. Just exactly as it reads, it has escaped from cultivation.

ESPALIER: plant trained to grow flat against a wall or trellis.

EVAPORATION: Process by which water returns to the air. Higher temperatures speed the process of evaporation.

EVAPOTRANSPIRATION: The amount of water that transpires through a plants leaves combined with the amount that evaporates from the soil in which it is growing. Used as a guide for how much water a plant needs per day/week/year.

EVERBLOOMING: Plants that bloom more or less continuously throughout their growing season.

EVERGREEN: A plant which retains its leaves in a living state during the winter.

EVERLASTING: Flowers with papery petals which retain some or all of their color when dried for winter decorations.

EXOTIC: A plant which is not native to an area. More commonly viewed as a popular but unusual or striking plant.

EYE: Two unrelated meanings - an undeveloped growth bud or the center of a flower.