NATIVE: Refers to a plant that grows in the same habitat in which they originated. These plants can be native to a continent, state, or region.

NATURALIZED: Plants that will behave like native plants in a given geological region. Bulbs naturalize nicely and lend themselves to a blooming statement.

NATIVE PLANT: Any plant that occurs and grows naturally in a specific region or locality.

NATIVE PRODUCE: Any fruit or vegetable that occurs, grows naturally, and is sold in a specific region or locality.

NATURALIZE: To plant randomly, without a pattern to mimic the plants natural way of growth.

NECTAR: A sugar and water substance secreted by flowers, this will attract pollinators like bees.

NEEM: A botanical insecticide that is nontoxic. It is derived from the neem tree.

NEMATODE: A microscopic roundworm that lives in the soil. There are both harmful and beneficial nematodes.

NEUTRAL: Neither acid nor alkaline; pH 6.5-7.5.

NEW WOOD: A term often used in reference to propagation. That part of the stems and branches that have grown during the current season. Some plants will propagate better on new wood as opposed to old wood (previous season's growth.)

NITROGEN CYCLE: The transformation of nitrogen from an atmospheric gas to organic compounds in the soil, then to compounds in plants and eventually the release of nitrogen gas back into the atmosphere.

NITROGEN FIXATION: The capture and conversion of atmospheric nitrogen gas into nitrogen compounds, stored in the soil, that can be used by plants.

NODE: the location on a stem where buds form.

NODE ANCHORING: Node anchoring or node cuttings are when you take a cutting of a stem right below a node. This is a better method of getting success than taking a cut just anywhere on the stem.

NODULES: Swellings on the roots of legumes where nitrogen-fixing bacteria live.

NURSERY: A business which is certified to sell and practice the growing techniques of plants and plant material.

NURSERYMAN: One who is state certified to practice growing techniques of plant material making the proper selection for specific needs.