VARIEGATED: Leaves which are marked with multiple colors.

VARIEGATED LEAF: A green leaf design which is blotched, edged or spotted with yellow, white or cream color.

VARIETY: Subdivision of a species; occurs through natural hybridization.

VARIETY NAME: This is the scientific name or botanical name of a specific plant. It is in italic print.

VECTOR: An organism that transmits a disease-causing pathogen.

VEGETATION: An all encompassing word for the plants of an area or territory.

VERMICULITE: A light-weight, mineral called mica, which has been heated to the point of expansion. This material is added to potting mixtures to improve root growth via aeration and has moisture retaining abilities. There is no nutritive value in the mineral.

VERTICILLIUM: A fungus disease that will cause wilting and death.

VERNALIZATION: The cold treatment needed by some fall-germinating plants to promote flowering the following spring.

VFN: Indicate whether or not a plant is resistant to verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, or certain nematodes.

VIABILITY: The possibility of germination. Seeds vary in their time of viability from a few days to 20 years, if not hundreds of years. Storage conditions will affect the viability, the best being low temperatures and humidity.

VIRUS: A plant disease that cannot be eliminated by a chemical means.

VIABLE: Capable of growing.

VOLUNTEER: A "not planted" specimen blown or carried into your garden by wind, bird or other means.