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Unless otherwise noted, the following guides are for growing annuals from seed, and general care.

Dahlia [Dahlia variabilis]
Light: Full Sun to Light Shade
Planting Date: Spring

Start inside 4-6 weeks before last frost. Very easy to germinate, barely cover seed and provide a soil temperature of 18-21°C (65-70°F) . Plant 10-12" apart after last frost in full sun or light shade. Keep well-fertilized and deadhead regularly.

Datura (Devils Trumpet) [Datura metel]
Light: Full Sun
Planting Date: Spring

Elegant trumpet-shaped flowers in soft shades of purple, yellow and white. Each 6-8" bloom is filled with an intricate combination of petal-whorls that create a pleasing, fragrant swirling effect. The flowers are followed by highly ornamental, green prickly fruits, remaining decorative for long periods. Datura are poisonous plants. The ingestion of any parts of the plant can be toxic.

Start inside 10-12 weeks before last frost. Cover seed lightly, provide warmth (60-70°F), seed should germinate within 3-4 weeks. Transplant into 4-6" pots if you want large transplants. Transplant 1 week after last frost into a full sun location. Prefers rich, moist soil, but will tolerate poor soil. Makes an excellent pot plant that will stay at 12" if kept in a small pot. If given lots of room or planted in the garde, Angel's Trumpet will form a large shrub, 3-5' high.

Dianthus [Dianthus chinensis]
Light: Full Sun
Planting Date: Spring

An easy garden beauty to enhance rock gardens, containers, beds, borders and cut flower arrangements. "Pinks" enjoy cooler growing conditions. Their light spicy scent is pleasant.

Start inside 8-10 weeks before last frost. Lightly cover seed and keep warm; 21°C (70°F). Transplant outside in early spring 6" apart in a sunny spot. 'Pinks' are very frost tolerant and enjoy cool conditions. Dead-head regularly and do not over water.

Dichondra [Dichondra argentea]
Light: Full Sun to Partial Shade
Planting Date: Spring

Perfect for window boxes! Vigorous, silver leafed accent plant is very heat and drought tolerant, with rounded, fan shaped silver foliage on silver stems. Plant near the edge of raised beds or rock walls where silver falls can cascade over the edge. Excellent for mixed containers, or as a single basket item. Branches well without pinching. Grows 3-4 feet long.

Start indoors 12 weeks before last frost date. Cover the seed lightly with coarse vermiculite. Light is not required for germination; a temperature of 22-24°C (72 -76°F) and high humidity is needed. Cover with a clear dome. Germination should take place in approximately seven to fourteen days. When seedling has emerged, remove dome and provide light. Reduce moisture, but do not allow the seedling to wilt. Higher light levels result in foliage that is more silver in color and has shorter internodes. Plant out 10-12" apart after last frost date. Feed weekly with an all-purpose fertilizer.

Dimorphotheca [Dimorphotheca sinuata]
Light: Full Sun
Planting Date: Spring

Start seed inside 6 weeks before last frost in your area. Cover seed very lightly as light is beneficial to germination and keep the soil moist but not too wet. Germination usually takes 10-15 days at 15-18°C (60-65°F). Plant outside after all risk of frost has passed, 12 inches apart in a warm sunny spot on light, well-drained soil. A late sowing can be made directly into the ground in late spring.

Dusty Miller [Cineraria maritima, Tanacetum argenteum]
Light: Full Sun to Light Shade
Planting Date: Spring

A decorative annual that provides a lacy, silver accent to containers and beds. Dusty Miller looks good months after the first fall frosts, even though the plants are no longer alive.

Start inside 8-10 weeks before last frost. Sow seed and do not cover as light is required for germination, along with a soil temperature of 21-24°C (70-75°F). Plant into the garden around the last frost date, 8" apart in part shade to sun. Very low maintenance plant. You can prune plants if they get too large. Dusty Miller looks good months after the first fall frosts, even though the plants are no longer alive.

Eucalyptus [Eucalyptus sp.]
Light: Full Sun
Planting Date: Spring

This is an easy to grow annual for your garden. May be grown as a perennial in warmer zones. One of the most common plants used in dried flower arranging. Fragrant round silvery green leaves about 1-2 inches in diameter. Grows up to 3 feet.

Start inside 8-10 weeks before last frost. Do not cover seed, and provide warm soil temperatures, 27-30°C (80-85°F). Germination should occur within 2 weeks. Transplant into the garden after all risk of frost is past, 12-18" apart. Eucalyptus prefers full sun and light, well-drained soil. Water and fertilize regularly. Plants may be lifted in the fall and brought inside to grow as houseplants. When doing this, try to get as large of a root ball as possible. You may preserve eucalyptus by air-drying or with glycerine.

Flowering Cabbage [Brassica oleracea]
Light: Full Sun
Planting Date: Spring

Low maintenance plants that provide a long season of colour. They can be planted in early spring and left in the ground until late fall. A unique ornamental plant with deeply veined, fringed leaves. Plants color up beautifully with the onset of cooler weather. Resistance to frost. Ideal for beds or background plantings. Height 10-18 inches.

May be started inside 4-6 weeks before transplanting in early spring. Cover seed 1/4" deep and provide an average soil temperature of 21°C (70°F). May also be direct seeded in late spring or early summer. Plants will tolerate frosts if hardened off first. Space 12-18" apart in full sun. Plants prefer cool conditions. Colour intensifies under cool conditions and short day length.

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