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Flowers - Perennials (M to O)

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Unless otherwise noted, the following guides are for growing perennials from seed, and general care.

Malva - Zebrina [Malva sylvestris ]
Zone 5 - 8
Light: Full Sun to Light Shade
Planting Date: Spring / Fall

Tender perennial. An old-fashioned garden favourite known as Hollyhock Mallow. A plant offering great beauty and charm. The tall stems are spattered with 2 inch cup-shaped blooms in a striking bicolour of white with narrow violet striping. Height 3-4 feet.

Start inside 6-8 weeks before planting out. Cover seed lightly and provide an average soil warmth of 21°C (70°F). Easy to germinate. May also be direct seeded in early spring or early autumn. Transplant outside after last frost into full sun or light shade 12-24 inches apart. Prefers well-drained, dry soil, and some shade if summers are hot. Feed and water regularly and cut back in autumn. May be divided every 3 years in spring. Self-seeds readily.

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