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  How To Grow Corn

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Zea mays var. rugosa
LIGHT: Full Sun
SOIL TYPE: Rich, well-drained, deep sandy loam
pH RANGE: 6.0 - 6.5
MOISTURE/WATERING: Keep moist, not waterlogged
KNOWN PESTS: Earworm, corn borer


Corn, like sunflowers, make a great backdrop to any garden. This popular plant has probably inspired more home gardens than any other vegetable. Corn is a worthwhile vegetable for any garden, and fresh corn on the cob is delicious!

Plant corn in the northern part of your graden (or any location that does not block the sun for other plants) after all danger of frost is past in well-fertilized soil. Corn may need additional water to make quality ears during a dry summer. Very hot weather can also have a negative effect on pollination of corn. For a continuous crop, stagger plantings a few weeks apart or choose corn varieties with different maturities.


Corn is wind pollinated, so it must be planted in a block of several rows for even pollination. Sow corn seed 3-4” apart and about ½-1” deep in rows 24-32” apart. Thin the corn seedlings to 10-12” as ears will be greatly reduced in size or not form at all on crowded plants. Ornamental corn must be isolated from sweet corn. Planting corn in cool soil will set back seedlings, especially if a frost is still possible. Best to plant corn when the soil has warmed to 21-24°C (70-75°F). Plant several different varieties of varying maturities to ensure a longer season of harvest.


Bush bean, beet, cabbage, cantaloupe, cucumber, parsley, pea, early potato, pumpkin, squash.


Full sun is required. Corn is a heavy feeder and requires fertile, well-drained soil with a pH of 6.0-6.5. Prepare the soil by working in well-rotted manure or other organic matter. A side dressing of nitrogen, applied when corn plants are about knee high, will give corn an added boost in growth. Try bloodmeal, partially rotted manure or a liquid fertilizer. Corn needs plenty of moisture. Hill soil around the base of the plant when they are 6” high. This will help to anchor the plants and keep the roots covered and cool. Use a mulch to keep down weeds and conserve moisture.


Corn is ready when the ears are completely filled and a pierced kernel shows a milky white liquid. A good sign of corn cob readiness is when the silk turns brown and crisp.


Seneca Horizon Corn

This early sweet corn is one of the most popular and best selling corn varieties available. Seneca Horizon produces large 8 inch ears with excellent flavor. Strong and ideal for early planting, long dark flag leaves and good tip cover. Maturity 65 days.

Miracle Corn

Miracle corn is a great variety for mid-late season. Extra sweet and crisp kernels. A sugar enhanced (se) mid to late season yellow sweet corn with very large 9 1/2 inch ears with an average of 20 rows of butter yellow kernels. Full cobs that are easy to pick - filled right to the tips. Maturity 75-80 days. Treated seed only.

Bon Appetit Corn

Bon Appetit is a top rated corn! Exceptional flavor. Strong 6 1/2 foot plants produce large blunt 7 1/2 inch ears with 16-18 rows of sweet yellow and white kernels. Excellent eating quality. A perfect corn variety for the home garden or commercial growing. Maturity 70 days. This corn is available in treated and untreated seed.

Honey Select Corn

All American Selections Winner! The flavour, size and appearance make this Honey Select corn outstanding. Under good conditions this variety will produce 2 nice cobs per plant. 18-20 rows of crisp, juicy kernels. 8-9 inch cobs. Maturity 77 days.

Fleet Corn

One of the best and sweetest tasting corn. 7 1/2 inches with 12 rows of juicy bi-colored kernels. This early variety is an excellent performer for both the home gardener and commercial growers. Outstanding quality. Maturity 59 days.

Seneca Arrowhead Corn

Excellent cold tolerance. An early hybrid that produces 7 1/2 inch ears with 16 rows of juicy, sweet, tender, bi-colored kernels. Seneca Arrowhead is vigorous, easy to grow. It is ideal for cooler climates as it tolerates cooler weather at the start of the season. Maturity 62 days.

Sugar Baby Corn

A very tasty corn. This bi-colored sugary enhanced corn offers excellent quality and good tolerance to cool weather. The 8 inch cobs have 12-16 rows of sweet, crisp kernels. If you like very sweet corn, this variety is worth a try! Maturity 65 days.

Seneca Tomahawk Corn

8 inch bi-colored cobs with juicy, sweet yellow and white kernels. Perfect for the home garden and commercial growers. Maturity 68 days.

Precious Gem Corn

Precious Gem will delight any gardener. This juicy, tender, sweet bi-color corn is absolutely delicious. Ears are 9 inches with 16-20 rows of juicy kernels. Good husk coverage. Maturity 80 days.

Luscious Corn

A corn with a name that describes it perfectly! Well received by many gardeners. A hybrid producing attractive, rich-tasting blunt 8" ears bursting with 16 rows of kernels. Tall plants and high ear set makes for easy picking. Maturity 75 days.

Nantasket Corn

This bicolour corn offers superior flavour and quality. It is a first class variety. This is a hybrid that is worth trying. Well covered, 8" cobs, with 18 rows of kernels on strong, clean plants. Maturity 73 days.

Polka Corn

Although smaller in size, this is a wonderful variety. Polka is sweet and juicy with 14 rows of kernels and are well covered by attractive husks. Maturity 61 days.

Valor Corn

Deep juicy kernels with great flavour. Its exceptional taste makes it a real treat most gardeners will love. 7-8 inch cobs are well filled with bi-colour kernels. Valor corn is easy to pick and has very nice green husks. Maturity 70 days.

Confection Corn

This is one of the best supersweet corn varieties available. The 7 1/2 inch ears are well filled with 16 rows of yellow and white kernels. This mid-season has exceptional eating quality. it is a consistent grower with high yields. Maturity 74 days.

Applause Corn

A fantastic mid season yellow corn. Exceptional flavour of the crisp juicy kernels made it stand out. 16-18 rows of yellow kernels on a well-covered 7 1/2 inch cob. Maturity 71 days.

Optimum Corn

A super sweet corn with great flavour and texture. This hybrid has the exceptional sweetness expected from super sweet varieties. It is an improved corn flavour and very tender kernels. Bicolour 7 inch cob, with 16-18 rows. Maturity 77 days.

Special Corn Varieties

Sweet Baby Corn

Growing baby corn is not much different than regular corn! This is a tender and delicious baby corn that is sure to add color and flavor to your summer salads and stir fries. Sets 4-5 cobs of corn which can be harvested as baby corn just as the silks emerge. Plants will grow tall; the cobs will be minature.

Fiesta Ornamental Corn

Bright and showy, Multicolored ornamental corn. Sturdy stalks produce 7 - 9 inch ears. Husk color can range from light green to deep purple. Maturity 100 days. Treated seed only.
NOTE: Isolate Ornamental corn from other corn to prevent cross pollination.

Seneca Indian Ornamental Corn

Multicolored cobs in shades of red, blue, yellow, pink and an a solid shade of deep, rich burgundy. Slim 7 inch cobs are closely wrapped and provide good tip protection. Husk and stalk colors range from green to deep burgundy. Each tall sturdy plant should produce 2 good cobs. Maturity 105 days. Untreated seed only.
NOTE: Isolate Ornamental corn from other corn to prevent cross pollination.


To make sure your corn gets pollinated, plant several rows together in a block, rather than one long row. Keep corn well watered, especially from tasseling time to picking.

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