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  How To Grow Mixed Lettuce

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Lactuca sativa
LIGHT: Full Sun in spring/fall, partial shade in summer
SOIL TYPE: Rich, well-drained, loose loam.
pH RANGE: 6.2 - 6.8
MOISTURE/WATERING: Keep moist, not waterlogged, frequent short watering is best
KNOWN PESTS: slugs, aphids, flea beetles and leaf hoppers


This lettuce is easy to grow, as seeds germinate in cool weather, even as low as 40° F. Mesclun mixed lettuce grows well indoors using growlights or in a greenhouse, or season extenders such as a cold frame. The lettuce seeds sprout in about a week, although some of the greens are bit slower so you may want to start greens first.

Since lettuce are shallow-rooted, the bed will need to be kept moist (but not saturated). Rapid growth is the main requirement for tasty, tender lettuce greens; a constant supply of soil moisture is very important. Letting the soil dry out will lower quality and flavour of lettuce.


Direct seed in early spring, as seed will germinate between 40-80°F. Sowing thinly ¼” and 1” apart.


Leaf lettuce types - 6” apart with 12” rows; Iceberg lettuce - 12” apart with 18” row spacing; Romaine lettuce - 8-10” apart with 12-16” rows Butterhead/Batavia lettuce - 10-12” apart with 12” row spacing. Start lettuce transplants indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost date for transplants. Make succession plantings every 1-2 weeks to ensure a constant harvest.


Most vegetables. Carrot, Garlic, Onion and Radish make the best companions.


Choose an area with full sun to partial shade and a soil pH of 6.2-6.8. Lettuce is a heavy feeder and prefers a rich, well cultivated soil with good drainage. Some success can be expected even in poor soils using the loose-leaf types of lettuce. Add plenty of compost or well rotted manure prior to planting. Lettuce benefits from regular feedings with a nitrogen rich fertilizer. Mulching is useful to keep soil cool and reduce weeds around lettuce plants.


Harvest when lettuce plants are 3-4" tall. Simply cut off the leaves above the soil. Under proper conditions the lettuce will regrow and provide a second or even third harvest.


Mesclun Zesty Mix Lettuce

This is a great mix of leaf lettuce and spicy greens and makes this mix a fantastic choice for the salad lover who likes trying something new. We have personally grown this lettuce and it is our favorite of any lettuce variety! Provides a great variety of flavors from one bed of lettuce. Available only at

Arugula Lettuce

The best of gourmet salad greens. Arugula, also known as Roquette, is a hardy lettuce with a delicate peppery/sweet flavour. It is a quick starter and tolerates a wide range of temperatures. 40 days.

Corn Salad Lettuce

A popular miniature salad green. Deep green, round leaves form fine nutty-flavored rosettes. Early, productive and resists bolting.

Mild Mesclun Mix Lettuce

A mix of mild flavored Oriental greens and leaf lettuces in beautiful shades of red and green. This lettuce makes a great tasting, colourful salad. Available only at

Tatsoi Oriental Green Lettuce

A very popular oriental green lettuce. An open oriental mustard with oval shaped, thick, dark green leaves. Flavorful and tender. Perfect for salads and oriental cooking. Maturity is approximately 45 days.

Mizuna Lettuce

A narrow leaf and mild salad green. Best harvested when plants are still small for optimal and mildest flavour. Great for continuous harvest as it will grow after cutting.

Melody Spinach Lettuce

A semi-savoyed hybrid with vigorous growth and high yields. Develops large, deep green verical plants that keep leaves dirt free. A popular variety for freezing or canning. Ideal for spring or fall planting. Maturity 45-50 days.

Bulls Blood Lettuce

An exceptional heirloom. Deep red leaves are sweeter than radicchio and the young tops make an nice accent to salad mixes. The roots offer a sweet, wholesome flavour and are best when harvested young. Maturity 35 days for baby leaf, 58 days for roots.

Veseys Baby Leaf Blend Lettuce

This wonderful, fast growing lettuce was developed by Veseys, this blend, exclusive to Veseys, includes various leaf colours, textures and tastes for a truly gourmet salad. Sow every week or two for a continuous supply of delicious greens! Maturity 25-30 days. Available only at

Veseys Spicy Mix Greens Lettuce

A great collection of spicy greens to add zip to mesclun mixes for flavor, texture and visual appeal. For best results in production, this mix should be grown under a garden row cover to prevent bug damage and multiple seedings should be made to ensure an extended harvest. Maturity 25-40 days from seed. Available only at

Indigo Radicchio Lettuce

Dark red leaves add flair to a salad. Indigo is a consistent performing radicchio. It will produce more reliably under a greater range of conditions than other varieties. Matures in 65-70 days.


Seed only as much ,b>Mesclun Lettuce as you're likely to eat in a week; successively sowing seed each week will ensure the freshest and best tasting lettuce at harvest time.

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